"Visions of World Benefit & Global Responsibility: Perspectives of McGill Students

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Olga Bezrokov - introduction

My name is Olga; I am originally from Russia, but I have been living in Canada for the last 7 years. For the first 4, I lived in Victoria, BC, and then I moved to Montreal after graduation (partially to get as far away as I could from my parents). Originally I took this course because I need it to requalify back into BCom (very long story), but I decided to stay in it because I find it very intriguing (and despite the time commitment). I have a lot of time constraints, but I enjoy multitasking and keeping busy. I work in a restaurant downtown, and I have been there for the last 3 years. Funny enough, right now I am working the least amount of hours I have ever been, and it adds up to still over 50 a week. I like the concept of organizations, and I enjoy seeing different dimensions or different levels of a business (at the place where I work now I have been working at the office for a couple of years now, so I got to see the beautiful connection between suppliers, management and customers). Mmm.... That is about it, I guess, as it relates to the course.

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