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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Management Education in the 21st century

The study of Management in post secondary education is a fantastic way for young men and women to get an idea of what to expect when they join the work force in the commerce sector. It gives them a head start of what to expect and how to go about daily business. I feel there are a few problems with the ways the university gears the programs towards. The first one is on is the aspect of money. Everything is geared towards maximizing their profits at whatever costs and, but as long as profits are maximized. Another problem may be that these courses are in constant need of improvement or updates since the commerce sector is constantly changing and improving. Yes, some principles stay the same, but for the rest, it is in constant motion changing.

I believe that management courses should let every student express themselves and their individuality in every way possible since in the business world, except for few laws stopping it, people will work and try to express themselves in their own individual way. With letting them do this in school, it will let them become even more creative and express themselves in different ways. I also believe that the courses should be constantly changing, to need the new and changing ideas of the business world, because if everything was done to the T from a textbook, those ideas may be so out of date already. Another thing would be to work in teams and groups for projects and on ideas and cases. It broadens peoples perspectives and horizons with different ideas coming from different people with different cultures.

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