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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adventures in Complexity

Prof. Holbrook from Columbia University has written excellent article titled "Adventures in Complexity: An Essay on Dynamic Open Complex Adaptive Systems, Butterfly Effects, Self-Organizing Order, Coevolution, the Ecological Perspective, Fitness Landscapes, Market Spaces, Emergent Beauty at the Edge of Chaos, and All That Jazz". I recommend you to skim through the article to gain a better appreciation of the issues of complexity, fractal geometry, chaos theory, butterfly effect, DOCASs (Dynamic Open Complex Adaptive Systems), deep ecology, self-organization, emergence, fitness landscapes, and emergent beauty at the edge of chaos. These issues have significant implications for management and organizations in the 21st century. Click on the address below to access the article:

I hope you enjoy and become immersed in this book-long- article as much as I did. This can be a greatly rewarding intellectual adventure for you this weekend! Best, Fahri

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