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Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Self-Reflection Tool-kit for Mini-Project 1: Personal Excellence Plan

Dear Colleagues,

I will now attach for you a great resource for your Mini-Project 1, “What Color is Your Parachute?”. Two flagship monthly magazines in leadership development, Personal Excellence and Executive Excellence (edited by Ken Shelton) have developed a toolkit for self-reflection and personal development: “The Personal Excellence Plan”. This toolkit includes a wealth of resources and a family of tools and exercises to help you grow and progress in your career and life in the following areas: Service, Physical, Mental, Professional, Financial, Social/Emotional and Spiritual/Character.

The Personal Excellence Plan has five unique features that makes it really effective:
1. The Personal Excellence Plan honors your dreams, aspirations, faith, intuition, feelings, and emotions.
2. The Personal Excellence Plan integrates your personal life with your family and professional contribution.
3. The Personal Excellence Plan bridges vision and action.
4. The Personal Excellence Plan enables you to find harmony and
synergy among the different roles and dimensions of your life.
5. The Personal Excellence Plan encourages a balanced, holistic,
value-based, principled approach to life.

Thus, I recommend you to go over this great resource and toolkit provided by Executive Excellence; the leading newsletter/magazine in the field of leadership. Feel free to print it and complete the exercises in it. This will help you tremendously in your self-reflection, self-evaluation, job application, and in constructing your own personal strategic plans.

Here is the resource; just click: http://www.eep.com/Merchant//newsite/pep.pdf

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