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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Double Credits

Why did your mom tell you not to talk to strangers when you were small kid? Why not people leave their valuable belongings in the public space even if they are just away for a few minutes? The answers for all these questions are that people do not believe other people act morally. Morality is the glue that bond people together. Without it, humanity would collapse in seconds. However, human being is made of blood and flesh. We are not saints. We have desires for physical and mental rewards. Stealing, cheating and other immoral behaviours can lead to certain degree of satisfaction. That is why laws exist and protect our common good. In recent years, different forms of competitions among people in different backgrounds have dramatically increased. Many people put the winnings in these competitions before the ethical codes. Furthermore, materialism overrides spirituality in our society. The virus of materialism has been spreading out in our society. Many people have been infected by this virus. (Probably, most people have been infected by this virus.) The “syndromes” of this “virus-caused disease” are money-centred mentality, self-centred mentality, ignorance of passion and meaning of life, and material addiction. Many people have become sick morally and “physically”.

In this essay, I would like to introduce a remedy for curing this sickness. The name of this remedy is called “Double Credits”. “Double Credits” is a concept of a for-profit organization. One of the “Double Credits” is ethics. The other one of the “Double Credits” is spirituality. The mission of “Double Credits” is to reward the ethical and spiritual acts and promote the awareness of the importance of ethics and spirituality.

HR specialist, psychologists, lawyers, marketers, and spiritual leaders are the main specialists in the organization. They work closely with each other and many ethics grading methods and spirituality grading methods will be developed by them. In addition, these grading methods can be customized according to clients’ need. People who are subjected to these grading methods will be evaluated and graded. Meanwhile, our specialists will discuss with our sponsors the possible reward mechanisms corresponding to the grading. The rewards may be possibility of promotion in organizations, monetary reward, and airmile point reward and so on.

The biggest challenge that “Double Credits” will face is the accuracy of the rating of the targeted individuals. And the accuracy is proportional to the time that these individuals expose to the evaluation and the depth of the evaluation. If the subjects are unaware of the processing of the evaluation, they will tend to reveal their true Double Credits values. The Double Credit Evaluation Models have been carefully crafted to maximize the accuracy of the grading in different environmental settings.

The main Double Credits Evaluation Models are:

  1. Formal evaluations

Formal evaluations include interviews, references, self-evaluation tests and so on.

  1. Undercover Evaluator (UE)

UE will disguise as a member of an organization or a client of an organization. They will try to interact with the targeted individuals as much as possible and evaluate the personality traits of these individuals. Undercover evaluation could collect accurate information about the targets. However, this practice is potentially unethical or illegal due to the clandestine nature of UE. In order to prevent any incidents of legal or moral issues, our lawyers will make agreements with the associated organizations and the people involved before any undercover evaluation.

  1. Voluntary Exposure(VE)

Any individual can contact with our organization and be evaluated by our staffs. This is defined as Voluntary Exposure. The biggest challenge of VE is that these individuals could act out in the evaluation to increase his/her Double Credits values. One of the strategies to tackle this challenge is to hold some public gathering events where individuals in VE program can interact with each other. And their Double Credits can be evaluated during these events.

The main Double Credits Promotion Strategies are:

The first strategy is to building reading room, meditating room and other facilities that help improve Double Credits. People who have high enough Double Credits values should have free access to these facilities. Sponsors should pay for their members.

“I love, so I care” campaign

“I love, so I care” is an internet-based campaign. The mechanism of this campaign can be demonstrated by the following example. If person A helped out person B, person B can go to the website http://www.i-love-so-i-care.com/ . Person B can post his/her thank-you letter for person A in this website. Consequent, the thank-you letter will be evaluated and Double Credits of person A is boosted.

Smiling Face Cameras

With the agreement of the participants and the sponsors, some smiling face cameras can be installed in certain locations. These cameras can capture the facial expressions of the participants. Then, computers will determine if the participants are smiling or not. The people with a smiling face will be rewarded with Double Credits points. It is welcome to smile intentionally in front of the cameras. This act can make unhappy people become happy.

The clients of this organization can be divided into three categories. They are:

Any individual who wants to improve his/her reputation and find a better job.

Any business leader who wants to improve the quality of the employees and find the future managers.

Any community leader who wants to improve the image of the community.

The clients in the fist category can only use Voluntary Exposure model. The clients in the second and the third categories can use all the different models. People in all these categories are connected. Any increase of Double Credits in any level has a positive effect on our society as a whole.

Our organization will create many large social networks. These networks will connect all the participants together. As individuals in the first category are evaluated, we will send the Double Credits values of these individuals to the social network database. (It is important to notice that we never give out the personal information without the permission of the participant) If these Double Credits values meet the Double Credits requirements of certain organizations, then the jobs offered by these organizations will be compared with the participants’ need. After these two conditions are met, the participants can view the specific job requirements and contact with these organizations for future employments. Depending on the organizations, they can put technique skills and experience before the Double Credits requirements. On the other hand, some organizations may emphasize so much on Double Credits requirements. As a result, only a few individuals meet the requirements. In this case, these organizations may sign contracts with these potential employees. The benefit of these contracts for the potential employees is free or cost-reduced trainings offered by these organizations. The benefit of these contracts for the organizations is to ensure these participants will work for them after their trainings.

If organizations participate in our Double Credits program, the benefits will be invaluable.

These benefits include the measurable benefits and the immeasurable ones. First, their employees will be evaluated and their Double Credits values will be assigned. The employers could analyze these Double Credits values with our specialists. Consequently, we can distinguish who could be the potential managers and who are the destroyers and the slackers in the organizations. Then, certain management decisions can be made to improve the moral of the organization based on Double Credits values and other factors. The reading room, meditating room and spirituality discussion group can be created within the organization. As the spirituality and ethics improve in the organization, the loyalty and the productivity of the employees will be increased. And they will become more creative and passionate at work. People will concern less about office politics and more on the future of the organization.

If communities participate in our Double Credits program, it may lead to social revolution of humanity. As the Double Credits are assigned and increased. People will act more ethically. The crime rate will decrease. The social networks will be enlarged. I believe one day people will truly treat each other as their family members. No one will suffer from the selfishness of other people.

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