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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Education system

What are problems in current business education?
moonjin kim

Education has been defined as including " teaching and learning specific skills, and also something less tangible but more profound: the imparting of knowledge, positive judgement and well-developed wisdom. Education has as one of its fundamental aspects the imparting of culture from generation to generation."

"The education of an individual human begins at birth and continues throughout life"

Education is a tool that humans use to survive the uncertainty of the future, and give them hope. John Dewey believed that education is the key to success in the democratic capital society. By giving mass public education, you are training the future, and developing/standardizing the knowledge and advantage in US. The idea of education did not gain popularity in West, until 19 th century during the Industrial Era, where the government introduced and promoted the public education system. The education system since then has had very minimum adjustment using science and innovation technology. The problem with the system is that it's too narrowly focused on methodical teaching methods for social sciences, sciences, math, and language. This type of education prepares students for thinking systematically, logically and rationally while promoting the black and white solution. Thus, the problem is that the educational system isn't designed to promote the sort of innovative thinking that students need. It is designed to promote uniformity and a certain type of narrow skill set. Business education is no exception; it's focused on linguistics and numeric profit oriented education.

How can they be solved?
There is little importance places on growth of creativity and the ability to think outside the box in the current business education however, in the real world, the ability to think outside the box is crucial; no connection between education and the work force is cultivated. Students are only remotely exposed to experiences and skills needed in business through traditional case studies and lectures. Although this is an integral part of business education, it needs to be supplemented with creative education models. Due to our needs, we stop educating creative (music, arts, dance.. etc) for young adults. Even in university, it's oriented academic and literature, but integrating and customizing the creative (left side) of human brain and right (traditional linguistic and numeric) helps to be innovative.

"Lot of the secret of the creative corporation is looking hard at employees and realizing their strengths. When companies first start thinking about becoming creative, they tend to start thinking about hiring people from outside. They don't think about the people they already have. And a lot of creativity is in helping people, whether students or employees, to find their talent -- the way they are creative. "
Sir Ken Robinson.

What is your ideal dream undergraduate course look like?

Thinking outside of box, or be creative in the business world is quite new. I believe that to be creative you need to explore different environment and knowledge. In McGill University for management program gives U0 student to explore other faculties in and outside of campus. This allowed student to give an exposure to other field, and widen their horizon. It also, allowed student related and observed the knowledge in another discipline, exposure to apply in the situation. Depends on the student, they may customized heavily towards arts, or science or in education. This customization gives student to be innovative and prepared in the work force. Student are well rounded, outspoken, able to breaking through its traditional approach (teacher and student), which is bridging the gap between theoretical teachings, and integrating "hands on" experiences / practical preparation for the work place.

This goal can easily be achieved by incorporating field trip, guest lecture in the discipline, small size class (more seminar style/ convention than lecture) . The field trip is great idea, because it introduced us to various possibilities that the world has to offer, and it's first hand experience (hand on based) respects to the working environment, it will enable us to envision where our skills and abilities will be best-suited and even launch us into new ventures never thought of before. This will not only allow the concrete application of learned theories but also understand its consequences in the work place.

Also, the examination and grading system should be improved. Academia only concerns about the finial right result, not the thinking processes, or the explanation of analysis. Subject like numeric related filed, sometime student are only responsible to not fully grasping the knowledge behind the theories or the philosophy. The customaries learning environments, minimize the class size, and open learning experience also could be suggested for changes in the future.

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