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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Management Education 2.0

Current management education emphasizes too much on theories of management. It focuses on problem solving. It assumes there are always right and wrong answers to a management issue. It has a little implication in business world. In reality, business management is very complicated. It is not always rational. Sometimes, it may not make any sense at all. Most things happening in the business world are not black and white. They are grey. The future manager has to deal with the grey matter most of the time. In order to train a competent future manager, the management education should focus on the real world problems. Instructors should expose management students to the business world. Students should have a chance to use their knowledge to solve problems of existing enterprise. The lack of management experience of the students can be compensated by instructors’ knowledge and experience. Combining the collective intelligence of the students and the guidance of the instructors could help companies survive and prosper in 21st century.

The ideal management class should not have any close-book exams or quizzes. In reality, managers are rated by their performance but not tests. Mastery of the management knowledge is through team projects and interactive learning. Furthermore, students need to be exposed to real world business issues.

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