"Visions of World Benefit & Global Responsibility: Perspectives of McGill Students

Monday, July 30, 2007


At the onslaught of the global warming phenomenon and the increase in world health problems in the third world countries due to the various social evils of the society, it is necessary that the growing organizations of the 21st century join hands to form a non-profit developmental iuntura for eradication of causes which should slowly be on their path of extinction.
Some very evident examples are the collaboration between HBC and Breast Cancer Society. HBC itself manages a ‘Social Responsibility’ department; it is the grand purveyor of Canadian culture and history.
Drawing from the many targets set at major international standards, six major goals were identified in the areas of economic well-being, social development and environmental regeneration:
Reduction in the percentage of people below the poverty line by 2020;
Introduction of preliminary education in all the remotely accessible villages and towns in third world countries by 2020;
access to reproductive health services for all individuals of appropriate age by 2018; and
Implementation of national strategies for sustainable development in all countries by 2010 to ensure that current trends in the loss of environmental resources are reversed at global and national levels by 2018.
Progress towards gender equality and empowerment of women
§ Reducing Child mortality rates

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