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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Meeting

Most of the people do not know humanity is nothing but a product created by the company called “The Universe.” This company has created many fascinating products, such as sun, stars, planets, black holes and so on. Humanity is one of their newest products. Many employees in the company call it “The annoying Hotty” behind the scene. Why is it hot? The reason is that Humanity has free will and they can build their own civilization based on their knowledge and their imagination. Why is it annoying? As soon as they were built, they started exploring the environment and harnessing the resource. At the beginning, the company thought it was possibly the best killer application ever since it saved the company a lot of money on continual improvement of the product. However, this killer application gradually became just the killer due to the abuse of the environment. Everyone in “The Universe” understood that any application that destroyed its own platform (the environment) was a useless application. Since the company has spent so much effect on creating Humanity and the earth, the meeting was set up to discuss the future of humanity.
The participants of the meeting include the creator of Humanity, the Evil, and the Goodness. Let me give you the brief description of these participants.

The creator of Humanity
He is very controversial in the company. Some employees said he is the son of a divine being. Some employees said he stole the concept of Humanity from the competitor of “The Universe”. Except these controversies, he is actually a nice guy. He cares the feeling of his coworkers and makes decisions based on facts not emotions. He is the leader of this meeting.

The Evil
He is responsible for all the negative things that happen to Humanity and the negative traits of Humanity. Personally, he truly believes that Humanity would never evolve socially and technologically without the challenges that he posed to them. His point of view is often too radical. This guy really gets a hot temper. Most employees call him “the Jerk” behind his back.

The Goodness
He is responsible for the all the positive things that happen to Humanity and the positive traits of Humanity. He has great work ethics. However, sometimes he can not stand for his own points. He is too soft to make tough decisions.

The following is the conversations taking place in the meeting:
C (the creator of Humanity): Gentlemen, I would like to hear your opinions on Humanity issues?
E (the Evil): Those human beings have totally screwed up their own future. Here is my proposal to fix the problems.
1. Dissolve all the giant corporations because they play an important role in environmental pollutions and resource depletion.
2. Distribute their fortune to the poor.
3. The education system is needed to be reconstructed to meet the educational need of every one and maximize creativity.
4. A monitor system should be created to stop and prevent any abuse of the environment. They must have the power over governments to achieve these
C: Thank you for your opinion. This proposal is very nice. However, do you think it is realistic at all?
E: I got to admit the execution of this proposal would possibly create enormous conflicts between the rich and the poor, the materialistic and the spiritual and many people who are related to these changes. C’mon. We have to sacrifice the few to meet the need of the majority.
G (the Goodness): I agree with Evil that change is needed and it is needed right now. However, this proposal could possibly bring Humanity into chaos. The resentment and the anger may trigger wars that lead to the self-destruction of humanity. So it is too risky to execute this proposal.
E: What’s wrong with you G? You and I know that the Humanity is already digging graves for themselves. You see they are making so much garbage every day just for instant satisfaction. They have totally forgotten the importance of sustainability.
G was saddened by E’s speech. He nodded his head in silence.
C: Look! I have put so much effort to create humanity. I know human beings are essentially good. They never intended to harm our environment. Humanity right now is just like kids. They have very strong curiosity and want to explore all possibilities of the nature. They aren’t mature enough to understand the consequences of their actions.
G: Humanity dose have problems. It is just like any systems that we have created. These systems constantly evolve in complexity and scale. This behaviour ensures the preservation of energy within the systems and the existence of these systems. What we need the most to improve Humanity is to find ways to maximize the functionality and the flexibility of the Humanity system.
C: Exactly! I think the best way to do so is to unit all human beings emotionally and build strong bonds among them. When love overcomes all the negative feelings and the spiritual self of human being are achieved, all the issues will dissolves.

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