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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

today's management education

University education is very important to our future leaders. With the rapid flow of information, more and more undergraduate student have the feeling of being overloaded by information and have limited time to grasp these information. There are some flaws in the education of management, especially in exams where lots of information are being given and require students to learn by the book a lot of materials. By this doing, we become more and more insensitive to the society and people around us. Also, information in text books is often out dated. The practice of leadership is an art and requires actual practice and ameliorates with experience. However most university graduates are trained to do exams rather than caring about the world’s big problems and get in touch with the real world outside. There is much limitation to this kind of learning although the main concept is to get them to learn basic knowledge of certain domains. Learning the basic concepts is indeed very important, but what about the actual experience they have to gain from reality? What kind of things can we do to improve this?
With the wide-spread use of internet and web 2.0, we are accessible to unlimited information about our environment and the world and society around us. However, this part is very often neglected by text-learning education in school. In my opinion, every student should be equipped with a very easy accessible computer resource, like a laptop to increase our efficiency of web-learning. There should have information sessions dedicated in allowing students to surf on the internet and write about things that really matter to them. One flaw in our educational system is the fact that communication between students become less and less since all of them are cramming for exams and have unlimited materials to cover. What is important also to include in the curriculum is a group discussion session where students can talk to each other, get to know the classmates and future colleague better. This will enhance connectedness between people and enhance quantum knowing of our environment and quantum trusting between group members. They can gather up to discuss about world’s trends, big issues or something they are really passionate about and achieve a single goal to organize a project. This will allow students to think holistically about the whole society rather than thinking about themselves and their own business only. This kind of holistic thinking promotes creativity and interconnectedness between people. With a newly refined program of learning, we expect to have leaders capable of quantum acting. The will make decisions according to a holistic goal caring about our environment and society around us rather than limited to a certain task or a certain product.

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