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Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Future Management Education

What is wrong with our management education now? Asking this question would be the first step towards the solution towards a better educational structure. The most important element in education is the link between the students and course material: the instructor. Used widely amongst students RateMyProfessors.com can be referenced as a fairly subjective “scoring card” of professors by students themselves. At times these reviews can be a crucial factor for a student’s decision to enlist in a certain class, as from a student’s perspective, the quality of the professor determines the richness in educational experience and ultimately affects the overall outcomes. A professor “sweet and cute, but [who’s] lectures reiterate the textbook” will not give provide any interest or interaction to the willful learners. A “disorganized teacher, who does not care about his students” will not win over the hearts and minds the future students. Someone “frequently late to class, offer[ing] nothing of substance,” who “will mock you if you say something ‘unsmart’,” would not gain any trust and respect from the class. The core of education, the professor of the future, should bring inspiration to the minds with an optimistic spirituality, spark the interest and attention of the students with plenty of human interaction, and most of all, build respect and trust in the classroom as a whole by showing his passion and love towards the course content, the students and the world. An ideal professor with these attributes would be able to nurture students who will similarly develop passion towards their fields, who have love for their surrounding world, and who can feel the joy of learning. Management education of the future simply needs these ideal instructors to lead the students.

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