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Monday, July 30, 2007


Decentralization is the reassignment of power and liability for public functions from the central government to subordinate or quasi-independent government organizations and/or the private sector.
It encompasses varied functions which must be carefully taken into consideration and should support reorganization of financial, administrative and service delivery systems. For the 21st century, as the world takes on the vital role of becoming a global village, market decentralization is important to the effect of creating an equating realm for advancement throughout the nations of the world.
Decentralization can be administrative, fiscal, political and market-oriented in nature. Privatization and deregulation they shift responsibility for functions from the public to the private sector. Privatization and deregulation are usually, but not always, accompanied by economic liberalization and market development policies. These are hence considered all inclusive. They allow functions that had been primarily or exclusively the responsibility of government to be carried out by businesses, NGO’s and subordinate government/ private sector bodies.
Centralization and decentralization are not "either-or" conditions. They should exist in perfect symbiosis with each other, and this is balance, despite being precarious in terms of market infrastructure, should be the ideal combination for the nation’s goodwill. While decentralization may not be the solution in terms of standardized regime-strict businesses, it does help cut out the unnecessary bureaucratic procedures thus strengthening the **
In the coming decade, decentralization will be the critical challenge for the technology, media and telecommunications industries. Each has developed with the assumption that powerful central forces will manage development. Centralized systems are failing for two simple reasons: They can't scale, and they don't reflect the real world of people.
In fact, if I speak for my profession, internet and wi-fi are 2 perfect evolutions of the decentralization concepts. Microsoft has broken barriers with Apple, and numerous parallels abound. Thus decentralization is the new calling for next century.

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