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Thursday, July 26, 2007

ATTENTION: Announcement for Mini-Project 2

Dear colleagues,

Please upload your three concepts today to our blog SEPARATELY. You should therefore upload THREE different files with the titles as the name of those concepts. Just use the name of the concept as the title of the entry. Put the label to all entries: "100 CONCEPTS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY". We should use the same standard format for our entries.

At this point, there is no revision necessary; unless you get an e-mail message from me. So you can just upload your original concepts as you mailed to me.

I am looking forward to reading all your concepts in detail. All this process is so exciting! We are almost like drafting a book! We will learn about 100 different concepts in the end. We are literally producing knowledge for managers and leaders of the 21st century. We are truly experiencing the learning organization, web 2.0, collective intelligence, and open source dynamic knowledge creation.

Thank you so much for your efforts and contribution!

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