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Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Energies

New energies comprise all new forms of energies which are environmentally friendly. Many movements dedicate themselves to this issue. However, let us mention "The New Energy Movement[1]" which is a US based organization, founded by Brian O’Leary[2], aiming at bringing change to all societies. This movement really summarizes the essence of the need for new energies. Through research and development, new processes emerge: hydrogen energy, zero-point energy devices, and magnetic generators. Coupling these with a more extensive use of wind, solar and geo-thermal energy production will lead to an optimal result.
In the 21st century, global warming and environmental problems should be the center of preoccupations. The development of sustainable new energies would help solve these problems. Living in a sustainable, clean and safe environment is the promise of these energies.
From those discoveries, organizations will benefit by being able to produce energy more efficiently. Using the new energies does not modify or reduce the use of energy, but simply its production, therefore it will have no impact on organizations or individuals’ daily routine. There are no side effects and will allow everyone to live a more fulfilling live in a healthier environment. However, the energy producing corporations must take part in the movement, supporting research and innovations for more efficient energy sources. By promoting this change, one is granting future generations a fresh environment.
[1] http://www.newenergymovement.org/
[2] http://www.brianoleary.com/

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