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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cross-cultural competence

What is it that makes peace? What is it that makes success? 21st century is an era that cherishes diversity, openness, flexibility, collective-intelligence, and many more aspects regarding maintaining and utilizing the best and most capable resources. Human resource is an issue that takes on many different arrays of complexity such as human capability, cultural difference, religious values, and… the list goes on. One of the major issues of history in setting as small as a household to a business to a country is cultural differences.

Cross-cultural competence is an advanced stage of self-development that exemplifies the integration of cross-cultural knowledge, awareness, and sensitivity. It symbolizes the ability of a person to accept, understand, and appreciate others of different backgrounds. It implies professional behaviour that prevents discriminations of any type.

It leads the movement of fair, equal treatment to all races in businesses, governments, schools and households… Many successful visionary business leaders value differences and make use of the diversity in people to generate greater innovation, creativity, and cooperation.

Through achieving cross-cultural competence, one can then be a visionary of great potentials and a global leader of 21st century.

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