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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Employee Wellness and Balance

While there would still have to be due dates for projects and other deadlines, since technology can connect us all, anywhere, anytime, why not give people the opportunity to create their own work environment. Terms such as hours of work/week could be negotiated with the leverage of employee effort. Maybe it isn’t necessary for John Doe to spend forty hours a week sitting in his office when he can complete his weeks work in 25. Those other 15 hours could be spent on quality family time and enjoying the subtleties of life. Innovative technologies like Web 2.0 and other online networks that are created will greatly improve the ease of transition to working at home.

Offices will still probably be necessary, but the environment they present would be much more colloquial and relaxed, more of a meeting place to bounce ideas around. By creating a ‘coffee table’ setting, employees will feel free to be more expressive and creative. This by itself may promote better morale and employee relations.

By working from home, employees would be able to spend more time with their families. The hours they save by working productively and efficiently (because they are no longer worried about looking busy to earn a salary) can be put to use in other areas of the employees life. A plan like this, implemented in the workplace would be a huge competitive advantage and would surely draw in family oriented potential employees.

In Europe, they work to live. In North America, we live to work. Finding a better balance between work and life may be the solution to so many unhappy employees. As a company going into the 21st Century, employee wellness should be a very integrated part of their mission statement, because without properly treated and respected employees, how will they expect to grow and diversify their understanding of a balanced lifestyle including time for family, fun, and success.

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