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Friday, July 27, 2007

S.W.O.T. Analysis after viewing "The Corporation"

This is from a few classes back but gave a global overview of key points pertaining to corporations in general.

Manpower (Human Capital)
Strategic Adaptability
Access to Ownership
Enjoys Legal Rights/Limited Liability

Extreme Focus on Materialistic Aims
Neglecting Ethical Values
Accountable to Their Shareholders
Power and Politics Issues
Exploitation of 3rd World Countries
Short-Term Thinking
Worker Rights

Better Use of Information
Redefine Images
Corporate Social Responsibility
Positive Mentality
Generate Wealth for Society
Use Better Technologies
New Innovative Practices (Social Innovation)
Differentiation and Specialization
New Principles: Business as an Agent of World Benefit, The Millennium Goals

Misuse of All Strengths and Power
Ecological Disasters
Failure to Meet Expectation of Stakeholders
Acting as Political Power Houses
War Threats/Global Threats

It is important to note that Strengths can also be Weaknesses and vice-versa; this also applies to Opportunities and Threats. This is most striking with the last point under Strengths whereby the corporation can enjoy legal rights with limited liability. This could be either a strength or a weakness depending on your point of view.

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