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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Work-Life Balance

Over the past decade individuals are finding it difficult to balance their work life with their personal responsibilities. Employees are pressured to complete the demands of their employers. Workers are becoming more and more stressed when they are not able to fulfill their family’s responsibilities either. As a result their physical and mental health is declining, their quality of production is also declining and their family life/ relations are deteriorating.
The Canadian Policy Research Networks have generated studies and have found that 47 percent of employees in 1991 work with high overload. Ten years later the percentage rate has increased to 59%. And from this research The Public Health Agency of Canada have decided to design a few programs for employers and employees to follow.
Balancing your work life is crucial because if it is not, it will slowly deteriorate personal relationships. This may cause family problems, possibly even cause divorces. When an individual experiences stress and fatigue from work they tend to be more absent. They are less focused at work because they are worried about issues from home and when they are at home they are distracted by work issues. Therefore by trying to follow flexible work arrangements or by taking a leave of absence; will help individuals balance everything. They would also be able to spend more time with their family and friends. Also as a result the quality of work by workers will increase and companies would benefit.
Managers of companies can make the effort to keep all their workers lives balanced by ensuring that their employees are following a life balance program.
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