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Friday, July 27, 2007

Racism, Extremism and Global Dialog

Racism has been always around. Recently, the degree of racism has been heated up due to the immigration trends, wars and many social events related to races. The fundamental root of racism is the lack of global dialog. In terms, the cause of the lack of global dialog is extremism.

Many people are essentially “selfish”. This “selfishness” can be defined as the desire of the well being of the self. The self can have many layers. The first layer possibly is the physical entity of one individual person. The second layer could be the family of the person. After passing through many different layers, then there is the race of the self. Eventually, there is a layer of all the races. Due to the “selfishness” of people, we always protect our inner layers before even considering the outer layers. And each of these layers carries one common and extreme message. That is “I will survive and prosper at all cost.” When “all the races” in the outer layer survive and better prosper than the race of the self in the inner layer or when the interests of these two layers are in conflict, racism appears as the inevitable product of these situations.
The extreme message of the “selfishness” prevent from harnessing the power of different layers. The only solution to deal with “selfishness” is global dialog. By establishing global dialog between different layers can enable the sharing of some common values, such as equality, integration, democracy.

21st century leaders should frequently question themselves if they are trapped in the “selfishness” mentality. By avoiding this mentality, leaders can make decisions based on the interest of different parties but not just the self. Consequently, this kind of decision will benefit the company globally.

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