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Thursday, July 26, 2007

iPhone Translator

As we gallop into the 21st Century and communication seems borderless, it still in fact is. Unless you can afford room and board for a 24-hour translator (assuming he or she speaks every language you don’t) or that you put enough faith into quick translators like Bablefish, then we find ourselves with a problem. Why hasn’t anyone (to my knowledge) included in a translator that both speaks and writes in every language? The iPhone has finally come into the market, an invention which is already sweeping the world and setting new standards for quick and easy communication. By combining these two technologies together world travel and communication (in my opinion) would actually become borderless.

The technology for such an innovation is not that far away, we already have several translating programs that translate text, we just need to integrate the voice application. With the voice application it would make is simple to communicate with anyone in the world in any combination of languages. One would just simply type what they wish to say and the iPhone would translate it, and speak it to the other party.

This would, of course, not completely eliminate the role of the translator, since it isn’t a very social way to communicate, but it could be used by a variety of users: business people, travelers, youth, anyone wishing to communicate. Its integration onto the iPhone would also be key to its success. Placing it in an easily accessible, high fashion product that has a very large target market would ensure that it reached almost every demographic.

As technology leaps in such quantum directions, it only seems fitting that multiple technologies be combined. The iPhone has paved the way for this advancement and the incorporation of more technology onto its platform will only increase its popularity. It will also ensure that the iPhone has a very successful product life cycle and enjoy a very healthy maturity phase (as more features are introduced).

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