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Friday, July 27, 2007

Self Efficacy

Self Efficacy is a term that describes one’s perceived ability to demonstrate influence over events that affect them. A strong sense of self-efficacy allows people to look at difficult tasks as a challenge to conquer as oppose to threats to stay away from. With efficacy one sticks with their goals, and quickly recovers from failures. Failures are looked at as happening either because of lacking effort or inadequate knowledge and skills that can be obtained.

I believe that leaders of the 21st century are going to face bigger and greater challenges than ever before. In order for them to cope with the pressure, leaders must have an incredibly strong mind-set that will not be discouraged by these challenges.
In the future I see there being a greater emphasis on encouraging youths to develop this skill. I see courses being taught with the intention of building ones sense of self-efficacy.
Leaders and managers can use self-efficacy to overcome the personal stresses that are caused by events in the workplace. With the acquisition of self-efficacy people can understand that the proper response to a challenge whether the outcome is success or failure is to learn and grow from the experience.
I believe that the development of self-efficacy in our future generations can have a great impact and will transcend improving our business leaders and organizations and help the overall quality of life for all of those who obtain it.

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