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Friday, July 27, 2007

Search for Meaning, Reflection and Spirituality

What is the meaning of life? This question has been haunting human since the beginning of time. However, materialism is taking place of the spirituality as companies impose their commercial values of their products to the customers. The search for meaning and spirituality is necessary to maximize human capacities and push our society to the desirable stage.

As the economics grows, human’s need is gradually met by the commercial products. Quality of life is improved. Essentially, meeting people’s need is not companies’ priority. Their priority is to increase their own profit and win out in the competitive market. Consequently, they are making better and better products regardless the real need. Of course, they understand their products will be useless if the need does not exist at all. So they create the need. In order to creating the need, they subtly send their messages through different kinds of media. And they try to convince people that their lives are miserable without their products and their lives will be much better if they buy their products. The artificial need have adverse effect on human’s psychology. It makes human more self-centered, materialistic and indifferent towards the meaning of life. It not only affects customers’ mentality but also leaders’ mentality. It can convince leaders that creating new needs and meeting these need are the way to succeed in the business world.

Since the financial resource of customers is limited, they always want to use their money in the most efficient ways to improve their lives. Recognizing people’s real needs and creating products that can meet these needs is the only way to succeed in business.

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