"Visions of World Benefit & Global Responsibility: Perspectives of McGill Students

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Becky Yao

Hi all, my name is Becky. I am a first year Management student. I was originally from Taiwan, moved to Canada about 5 years ago and studied high school in White Rock, BC - a beautiful place with beaches, trees, and lots of lovely seniors... to say... it's more of a place for retired people. I am glad that I chose Mtrl for it really is a vibrant and diverse city. More about me... Chocolate is my passion. Outdoor sports and adventures are a way of life. Friends and family are what bring life in me. I might not be an out-spoken person, but I certainly have my own thoguhts and opinions. Hope we all enjoy and take the most we can out of this class. Cheers.

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