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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kyan Zeng

Ok, so first of all I gotta say that my name isn't Kyan. (It sounds like the pepper.)

But I'm not a fraud! I just decided using this name starting last year since I thought it would give me a fresh start in Montreal. (I'm not running from the police either.) My real name is Min Qian Zeng; the un-pronouncablity of my name is also why I go by Kyan. So Professor Farakas, in case you were wondering who the hell Kyan is joining this blog, that's me aka Min.

My life story is kind of complicated, making the question "Where are you from?" very hard to answer. But basically, I am born in China, and raised in Japan and Canada. I could call it: Made in China, Used in Japan, Refurbished in Canada.

I'll be going into 2nd year Management next year, majoring in Finance. Very excited to count money! Ok, jk. But I am excited to have joined this interactive class, and am proud that I have not fallen asleep yet. (I never do of course.)
As short term goals, I would like to master Korean, French, my sketchy German, how to cook edible food, and some other things I should not mention here. My longer term goals are to tackle the pile of dishes in the kitchen.

For the moment I work in HMK Client Consulting Services in Alexis Nihon, Atwater. The company manages the clients of an online casino group, and I handle the Japanese gamblers. (Ok, this all sounds sketchy, but I'm really not a fraudster.) The job is pretty scary becuase in Japanese there is a whole level of polite language when dealing in business and I, as a university student, constantly feel very sketched out by the complexity of it, and often resort to creating my own polite-ish-words to deal with my low vocabulary.

Anyways, long babbling short, nice to meet you all!

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