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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Intro. - Juraj Stembera

Hello everyone,

my name is Juraj Stembera, but I prefer Yuri; tends to spare everybody headaches :)

Home is here in Montreal and always has been, but my nationality is Czechoslovak. The nation of great tasting beer, beautiful women and terrible food!

I am currently a U1 Management student majoring in MIS.

Travel? Grateful for it! Visiting many different countries and cultures has certainly awarded with unforgettable experiences that have characterized my dynamic personality :) Perhaps many stories to be told, but not necessarily shared :D

I love smilies & emoticons and my hobbies include hockey, snowboarding & bedroom gymnastics

I look very forward to meeting most of you over the next month and obviously, learning organizational behavior with Prof.Karakas! I'm sure most of us will agree: "Keep rolling in the chocolate, Sir!"

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