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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who is Barbara?

Hello everyone!

My name is Barbara de Lima, and no... I don't come from Peru or have any associations with the country although I'd love to travel there one day! I'm actually Venezuelan though my parents (and ancestry) are Brazilian... so call me what you will.

I'm doing my major in Chemical Engineering with my minor in both Environmental Engineering and Management (which some people might find an oxymoron). My passion regarding these fields is energy management both in regards to environmental concerns such as air pollution controls to improved technologies in the energy field like energy efficiency and our well known alternative energy sources.

I have lots of things I'm truly passionate about... for starters I introduce you all to my pet Akita. No she's not a rat or mouse... she's a ferret. I also have another ferret but she doesn't like to have her photo taken quite often. I am an animal lover at heart, but these playful, clever, thieving little clowns steal my heart every day. I also love all aspects of science like chemistry, environment, medicine, and biotechnology. My music taste is very peculiar liking Mendelssohn all the way to Metallica (pre-Load) which my piano professor at my music conservatory thought was highly unusual. I also love ancient history and mythology. I am particularly fascinated by Egyptian mythology and history and one of my dreams is to actually go and visit the great remains of this amazing civilization. In the end, I love to learn new things, to "think outside the box." I love challenging ideas that will widen my range of experiences and knowledge. It is for this precise reason why I am here in this course. I hope that I may learn from all of you as well as our professor... to challenge my mind. Hope to meet you all! Oh... and purple is my favourite colour *smile*

Barbara D.

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