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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Introduction: Duong Pham

Evening folks. My name is Duong and my major (for now) is Industrial Relations and Economics. I've always been a bit of a floater, a person who goes through life without any sort of direction so I guess this course is as good for me as any. I've worked in a wide variety of industries in my life among them: IT, Construction, Security (current), Service, Sales, Social Services (or something that resembles it), a very brief stint in behind the scenes television and currently I am exploring the Finance industry. I am very interested in the stock and derivatives markets and I am VP of the McGill Stock Exchange Consortium which is sort of going through a name change right now and I am always open to talking about anything even remotely connected to the markets. I've also recently gotten into real estate and am interested in going deeper into this industry, especially in Montreal where a large percentage of the population are renters. Sounds like I keep busy but in reality, I don't. I am a security guard part time and I work late, late hours when no one is around so I just end up doing my school work at my job. This affords me a lot of time to focus on real estate and my investment portfolio on my off days which takes a couple hours a week and allows me to sleep away the days and afternoons and wake up in time to go out on the weekend. It's a bit unconventional of a schedule but it fits me perfectly.

A large part of my identity and world view comes from my upbringing, which is probably a little different than the average McGill student and where I come from (Toronto). I am a very proud Canadian and that is something I always keep in mind where ever I go. I am very opinionated and have no qualms about discussing issues that other people find touchy and I swear A LOT so I can come off as a real jerk but I'm actually a pretty nice and laid back, sociable guy in public. I am open to discussing any issue no matter how small, even politics which I absolutely detest, because talking to people is something that entertains me the most.

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