"Visions of World Benefit & Global Responsibility: Perspectives of McGill Students

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Joan's Introduction

Hi everybody! My name is Joan Schwartz and I'm a very talkative, energetic and sarcastic Latin American/Israeli. I get over-excited about very little and perhaps insignificant things. This "ability," however, has allowed me to employ a colossal amount of motivation in (almost) everything that I've done in my short life. Right now, though, I'm having a little trouble finding my path in life, more specifically: my career. Where to go? How to do it? What's so special about me that the good companies will want to hire me? You'll see what I'm talking about when you arrive to your last year at McGill. That's right, I'm a fourth-year student and I'm taking a first-year course with you (but don't fear a thing, I alone will not bring the class average up!). When I came to McGill, I started by majoring in finance, and, throughout the years, passed through almost every concentration possible. Finally, I ended up in accounting and economics. Before I came to McGill, though, I studied communications and PR, and graduated with my first B.A. No, I'm not 25. I'm not 24. I'm not 23. I'm a simple, often-boring 22-year old who's loving this class and can't wait to graduate in December!

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