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Thursday, July 19, 2007

little intro.

Hi, my name is MoonJin Kim, I am a first year student major in Psychology and minior in East Asian Language and Literature . Oh! I'm in Faculty of mangment by the way..

I am orginially from Korean, but I lived in Toronto more than half of my life. I could speak Korean and English. As for the short term goal I would like to learn French and Japanses. I like to scuba dive and taking photographs(but I am photophobia, don't like picutre of my self).

The reason that I choose to stay in the course, is that I didn't know what to expect from mangment core courses. I thought this could be great chance to start and experience the style of learning. This is my first management class that I am taking at McGill, and so far I am happy about it. I look forward to meeting you guys. :)

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