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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Socialization and Self-Introduction

Hey Everyone :)
My name is Anne and I am in the Stream 3 section of the BCOM program. Due to the new BCOM program, I decided I wasn't going to put myself through hell next semester and take 10 core courses ... I therefore am taking OB now and I took Managerial Econ during the first summer semester .. great summer really.

So about me: I was born and raised just outside of Montreal and therefore, I speak both french and english. I spent the year of 2006-2007 in Italy working my way around the Quebec education system and completing a grade 12. Travel is my passion and definitely something I would love to do after all this is done. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. My goal is, wherever I end up, to make a positive change in the way people view the world. This class has, so far, been very different than what I had imagined a management course would be. I hope we can all take the idealism presented and use it in the future.

take care

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Saroj Gidda said...

Socialization and Self Introduction: Saroj

I am Saroj Gidda. Im am pursuing an undergraduate level degree in electrical engineering at McGill.
I am from New Delhi, India. Having taken a management course earlier on this summer, I realized that there is certain flair to the course material in management courses which renders a sense of excitement and develops interest, as against the very monotonous feel of some engineering courses. Anyway, after having the chocolate on wednesday, I was assured that prof Farhi’s teaching will help us a lot. I hope to enjoy this course and maintain this enthusiasm right till the end and incorporate the ideas and theories I learn now, in my life later on.